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Jean Grey comicsOne of the five original, founding members of the X men, Jean Grey is a powerful mutant with near limitless powers.

She was born with telekinetic and telepathic powers. When Jean reached the mastery of her abilities, she was enrolled in Professor Xavier’s school for mutants, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.

Jean Grey is a caring character but struggles to deal with being an Omega level mutant and the cosmic Phoenix Force’ physical manifestation. She is best known to be in relationship with fellow X men member, Scott Summers more known as Cyclops.

Jean’s fame rose in the classic Dark Phoenix Saga where she faced death several times. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Jean Grey superhero comic character became a prominent member of the X men throughout its series.

Debuting in the pages of X Men comic book # 1 as Marvel Girl on September 1963 as a chief factor in the action packed, fantasy superhero team.

Recommended Issues: The Dark Phoenix Saga

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Jean Grey comic art
Jean Grey - Phoenix comic art watercolor painting by Frank Turner. Click on the site to browse for more Jean Grey comic arts and illustrations.

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Stan Lee
Comics writer of Jean Grey X-men superhero team member. Check out Stan Lee's site to know more of his highly acclaimed and well-known comic works.

Jack Kirby
Check out the official page of Jack Kirby, comic book artist, illustrator and co-creator of Jean Grey comics character.

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Jean Grey
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Marvel comics
Comic book publisher for Jean Grey comics. Marvel comics is a leading comic company known for creating the Marvel comics universe and many its characters and superheroes.

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