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James Bond comicsJames Bond aka Agent 007 works as a spy for the British government. His exceptional skills are highly recognized in the British Secret Service where he quickly earned the 00 rank and became the most professional SIS agent.

Bond is known for his fine taste in wine and ladies. A womanizer, he has loved many women but always abandons them in the end. As he progress from one mission to the other, he gets more and more professional in killing, solving his missions efficiently no matter how dangerous it may be.

James Bond comic book series spawned after its films gained world wide success. Written by Ian Fleming, James Bond also came in graphic novels that were published by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and other publishers.

James Bond comics resources and useful links

Creator site

Ian Fleming
This is the official website for Ian Fleming, creator of the famous super spy, Agent 007. Read helpful info on Fleming’s works, biography, and many others.

Publisher site

DC comics
DC comics reprinted and published the first James Bond comic book, Dr. NO in the US. It was released in 1963 which served as an adaptation to Bond’s first film.

Marvel comics
James Bond’s 2 issue comics adaptation for the movie For your Eyes Only was published by Marvel comics. They also released James Bond Octopussy comics in magazine format.

Dark Horse comics
Dark Horse published James Bond comics along with a number of Agent 007 miniseries and stand alone stories which ran until 1995.

Movie site

The James Bond movies
James Bond movie profiles, multimedia, statistics and trivia. Also featured are James bond character information, movie soundtracks, and other updates.

Official site

James Bond 007 comics
Agent 007 official page. View James Bond comics information, recent news and updates on James Bond comic books and graphic novels.

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