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Iceman comicsHe is X men’s youngest member, Robert Louis Drake was born in New York, gained knowledge of his powers during his puberty years, then joined X men’s newly formed team of young mutants.

Bobby possess the ability of dropping his internal and external body temperatures allowing him to turn his body into solid ice and release ice blast, thus he was given the name Iceman.

Iceman superhero comics was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He became a new addition to Marvel comics universe and made his first appearance in X Men Vol.1 on September 1963.

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Creator site

Jack Kirby
Official page of Jack Kirby, creator of Iceman comic character. Read helpful information about one of the widely recognized and influential comic artist.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee's comic creator profile on Lambiek. Read about Lee’s comic creations and contributions, biography and other related information.

Publisher site

Marvel comics
One of the top comic publishers, Marvel comics popularized many of todays famous superhero comic book characters including Ice Man, Spider Man, Hulk, X Men among many others.

Official site

Iceman comics
Official Iceman page on Comic Vine. Check out complete and comprehensive information, links and resources on this Marvel comic superhero character.

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