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I am legend comicsHe is Earth’s last remaining survivor; Robert Neville is the last man alive. He is the only one who survived a pandemic that killed the rest of humanity and turned everyone into zombies.

Neville tries to survive on a day to day basis, he gathers supplies and kills zombies during the day then drinks heavily at night while hordes of the undead is attacking his garlic fortified house. He later attempts to understand and find a cure to the disease without much success.

I Am Legend was written by Richard Matheson. This sci fi and horror comic book series was published in 1991 which later on appeared in graphic novel form.

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Creator site

Richard Matheson
Official site of I am Legend comic creator. Read the life and works of Richard Matheson, his achievements and contributions to the comic industry.

Publisher site

Vertigo comics
A DC comics imprint, Vertigo is the official publisher of I am Legend comics, one of their various comic titles marketed to mature readers.

Movie site

I Am Legend
I Am Legend movie based on the classic sci fi horror graphic novel by Richard Matheson starring Will Smith as the legendary Robert Neville.

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