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Hulk comicsDr. Bruce Banner is a top scientist working on a weapon of mass destructive power, the gamma bomb.

While testing the bomb, a young man Ricky Jones entered the test site. As Bruce rushed to save him in time, he was exposed to the gamma bombs rays. This resulted in transforming the mild Dr. Banner into an unstoppable, destructive monster, the Hulk.

In early transformations, the Hulk bore very little traits of the withdrawn doctor; he is angered easily hence becoming a major threat to mankind. He has unbelievable strength, superhuman speed, healing factors, intellect and stamina.

But as time passed, Banner slowly gained control of his alter ego. Radiation treatments help him get hold of his inner beast but this too would wane at times and he continues to be of threat to the world.

The Hulk comics was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and published by Marvel comics. This superhero comic book character first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 1 on May 1962. The Hulk graphic novel was released in later years.

Recommended Issues: Issues # 163 170, 176 178, 182, 312, 319, 330 334, 336 348, 353 354, 361 362, 372 377, 397 400, 406, 417 418, 420, Annual 7

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