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Hellboy comicsHe is a demon whose real name is Anung Un Rama, brought to earth by Nazi occultist as an infant.

As the final days of World War II nears, the Nazis resort to black magic to sustain their dying cause, Hellboy was conjured. He was discovered by the Allied Forces; among them was the head of United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm.

The professor tried to raise him as a normal boy. Hellboy grew up to be a huge, red skinned demon with a tail and horns that have been cut off, leaving two circular stumps in his forehead. Instead of feet, he has cloven hooves and an over sized right hand made of stone.

Hellboy joined the BPRD, fighting against dark forces that include Baba Yaga and the Nazis. He was later identified as the World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator aided with superhuman strength, resilience, and healing powers.

Created by Mike Mignola, Hellboy comic book series is published by Dark Horse comics. Hellboy comics first appeared in San Diego Comic Con Comic 2 in 1993. The character also appeared in various mini series, crossover comics, anthology comic books and graphic novels and was adapted into a film in 2004.

Recommended Issues: Seed of Destruction 1 4, The Corpse and the Iron Shoes

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Mike Mignola
Official website of Mike Mignola, comic book creator of Hellboy comic book series. Check out his page for helpful info and updates, comic arts, shop, and more.

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Dark Horse comics
Official publisher site of Dark Horse comics, Hellboy comic book series publisher. Visit their website for other comic book series and graphic novel titles.

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Hellboy comic art English
Hellboy comic book character fan art by Stephane Escapa. Browse this site for more Hell boy comics drawings and illustrations.

Movie site

Hellboy movie
Hellboy movie official site on Sony Pictures. The Hellboy film is based on the comic book series of the same title, following a demon fighting for good, rather than evil.

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