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Hagar comicsHagar is a Norwegian Viking whose personality depicts both of a loving family man and a fearsome warrior with an exceptionally poor hygiene.

He is the world’s most popular Viking who regularly raids England and France with his first mate and best friend Lucky Eddie. Hagar’s wife Helga is a large bossy housewife and an over mothering figure to their son Hamlet, a studious, neat, and obedient son and to their daughter Honi, the 16 year old beautiful and cheerful teen.

Hagar the Horrible is a funny comic strip created by Dik Browne in 1973 and syndicated by King Features Syndicate.

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Creator site

Dik Browne
Comic creator page of Dik Browne on Lambiek. Read the helpful info, the life and works of Dik Browne, creator of Hagar the Horrible comic strip.

Fan site

Hagar the Horrible by CANNI
Hagar the Horrible fan page created by CANNI. In this site are Hagar comic characters, bibliography, cartoonists, and helpful links.

Publisher site

King Features Syndicate comics
Comic publisher of Hagar the Horrible comic strip. Information on King Features Syndicate, comics, works, products and more.

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