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Hack Slash comicsThe pages of Hack Slash comics centers on Cassandra “Cassie” Hack, a young, attractive and tough loudmouth who hunts slashers along with a huge, disfigured man, Vlad.

Slashers or the Revenants are divided into 2, there’s the category of the undead, those people who died in rage, returning with the same hatred that drives them to kill. The other is composed of insane live people who engages in Slasher behavior.

This horror comic book follows Cassie and Vlad, once slasher victims now hunting for their very predators. Hack Slash is a new comics created by Tim Seeley which was first published in 2004 by Devil’s Due Publishing.

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HackSlash fan site
A fan page dedicated to Hack Slash comic featuring hack slash comic art, sample strip, updates and info on hack slash comic book issues and many more.

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Devil's Due Publishing
One of the largest and most established comic book publishers in North America with a diverse line up of original, creator owned and licensed properties including Hack Slash Comics.

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