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Green Goblin comicsHe is among Spiderman’s greatest foes, responsible for creating numerous tragedies in Peter Parker’s life including Gwen Stacy’s death.

Born Norman Osborn, Green Goblin was once an industrialist who had the best of life; he had a family, a vast corporation and power to have it all. But he wanted much, much more.

This greed led him to develop an experimental serum for the US Military that will enhance a soldier’s intelligence, strength, and endurance. When the final formula became too dangerous to be tested on humans, Osborn injected it on himself.

The serum did enhance his strength and intellect but also led him to insanity. This gave birth to the perverse and twisted Green Goblin, donned in a sophisticated Halloween themed combat suit and rides the bat shaped Goblin Rider.

Green Goblin, super villain comic book series character first appeared in Spider Man comics # 14 on July 1964. Written by Stan Lee with artist Steve Ditko and published by Marvel comics, Green Goblin comprises themes of action and fantasy.

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Creator site

Stan Lee
Green Goblin comic creator; know more of the life and works of Stan Lee. Visit his page on for his other titles, The Fantastic 4 and the Hulk among others.

Steve Ditko
Comic artist of Green Goblin super villain comic character, Steve Ditko is a renowned comic creator who has worked and created numerous comics characters.

Publisher site

Marvel comics
Official site of Green Goblin comic book publisher, Marvel comics. Check out their site for more popular comic super villain, antagonist characters.

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Green Goblin comic art gallery
A gallery of fan made Green Goblin comic arts. Browse to view this super villain's comic drawings, illustrations, sketches and more.

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