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Girl Genius comicsSet in an alternate universe, Girl Genius follows the feats of Agatha Heterodyne, a powerful and gifted young Spark.

She seemed to be a normal struggling student. During Baron Klaus Wulfenbach’s visit to Transylvania Polygnostic University, a series of events surprisingly awakened Agatha to her family’s genetic talents. Along with it surface many secrets that will have her fleeing the Baron.

Agatha Clay now becomes a Spark, charismatic mad scientists gifted with supernormal abilities in various sciences. She is especially talented in mechanical and electrical devices, creating and repairing them.

With a tagline Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE, Girl Genius is set in an alternate history where an Industrial Revolution has progressed into an all out war among the Sparks.

Created by Phil and Kaja Foglio, Girl Genius is an ongoing comic book series released on January 2001 by Secret Publications. It later on published as a webcomic on February 21, 2005.

Themed of fantasy, sci fi, and humor, this new comics has already garnered several awards, 2008 Outstanding Comic, Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story, and 5 WCCA among others.

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