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Ghost worldSet in an unnamed town filled with shopping malls, fast foods, and urban sprawl. Ghost World follows 2 teenage girls and best friends in the 1990s who are out of sync in this world.

Enid and Rebecca are two intelligent and witty, but cynical young ladies. After they graduated from high school, the two spent their days wandering around their neighborhood criticizing the pop culture and the people they encounter. They realized that they are both facing an unpleasant immediate future, armed with crappy jobs and hopeless shots at romance.

Ghost World comic book series is a mix of humor, drama and satire written by Daniel Clowes. It was published by Fantagraphics Books running from 1993 until 1997 where it became defunct. Reprinted issues were later released, including graphic novel forms. In 2001 a feature film of the same title was released which earned numerous nominations.

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Creator site

Daniel Clowes
Comic creator of Ghost World, Clowes is among the 2nd generation of artists involved in underground comix movement. Among his notable works are Eightball and Bill Trouble.

Movie site

Ghost World
Official website of the film Ghost World, based on the comic book series of the same name. Check on the site for the movie cast & crews, soundtrack, production notes, and more.

Publisher site

Fantagraphics Books
Comic book publisher of Ghost World comics. Fantagraphics is a US publisher of alternative comics, classic comic strips, anthologies, and graphic novels.

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