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Ghost in the Shell comicsMajor Motoko Kusanagi, a deadly and voluptuous full prosthetic cyborg. She leads Public Security Section 9 as they try to maintain peace in the planet and battles off technological terrorist and cyber hackers, The Puppet Master being the most hunted.

This sci fi manga is set in the near future, where technology is firmly a way of life. The world is now controlled by a vast computer network paying host to robots and humans alike. Everyone is connected thru a so called “ghost” to the net’s electronic data stream.

Created by Masamune Shirow, Ghost in Shell graphic novel was first released in May 1989.

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Creator site

Official page of Shirow Masamune, Japanese comic book creator. Biography, works and information on Masamune, manga creator of The Ghost in the Shell comics.

Movie site - Ghost In The Shell
The Ghost in the Shell film has inspired a generation of filmmakers and become the most revered anime feature of all time. It has been awarded as the Best Theatrical Film - 1997 World Animation Festival.

Official site

Ghost in the Shell
The Official Site of a Japanese science fiction comics Ghost in the Shell created by Masamune Shirow. A futuristic sci fi manga where everyone is connected to an electronic data stream.

An official site of Ghost in the Shell manga comics. Led by Major Motoko Kusanagi - female government cyber agent, written by Masamune Shirow.

Publisher site

Kodansha Ltd.
A family own company in Japan where it plays a dominant role in book and magazine publishing including ghost in the shell Japanese manga.

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