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Gaston Lagaffe comicsGaston Lagaffe is a lazy, accident prone office junior. He spends most of his days attempting to minimize if not avoid fulfilling duties in his job to wander off and take naps instead. This often leads to his hilarious misfortunes.

Gaston was initially depicted as an irritating character but has managed to make it humorous thru his cheerful manners. Created by Andre Franquin in 1957, this old gag comic first appeared in Spirou’s issue on September 19, 1957.

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Creator site

Le site officiel de l'oeuvre de Franquin
The life and works of André Franquin, important info, biography, achievements, literary works including information on Gaston comics was created.

Official site

Gaston Lagaffe - Le site officiel
The official site of Gaston created by Andre Franquin. Featured in this page are his collection of Gaston Lagaffe information, updates, sample comics, albums and many more.

Comic art site

Franquin - Gaston comic arts
A site dedicated to Gaston comics online art gallery. FRANQUIN : Gaston (Rock) : 100 x 50 cm (39.4" x 19.7"), Reproduction in Fine Art print on a heavyweight satin finished Art paper.

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