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Garfield comicsOne of the funniest and widely read comic strip, Garfield is an orange fat and tabby cat owned by the clumsy and geeky Jon Arbuckle.

Their long running gags centers mostly on Garfield's bad eating habits, his aversion to exercise, hatred of Mondays, and his various sorts of abuses to John and to his fellow pet, Odie. Garfield comics once held the record for being the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world.

Created by the American comic artist Jim Davis, this humor comics was first published on June 1978 which eventually became one of America's very popular Sunday newspaper comics. Garfield has appeared in almost 3000 newspapers and magazines around the world.

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Creator site

Jim Davis
The Garfield PressRoom: The Man Behind The Cat, Jim Davis, creator of Garfield comics official webpage. Biography and other important info on Jim Davis comic creator.

Official site

Garfield comics official page. Check out helpful info and updates on Garfield comics, movies, games, videos, animation, news, and related products.

Movie site

Garfield the Movie
A CGI film based on the classic comic character, Garfield. Read about Garfield movie summary, casts, information, news and other updates.

Fan site

Garfield Fan site
A fan site for our favorite cat, Garfield. Check out the site’s gallery where you can watch Garfield and Friends, join contests, and interact with other Garfield comic fans online.

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