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From Hell comicsThe pages of From Hell comics are based on speculations of Jack the Ripper's real identity and his motives on countless killings.

His murders occurred in London in the late 1800s and are regarded as the most famous serial killing ever. This comic series points to Queen Victoria’s doctor, Sir William Gull as the never caught perpetrator.

When the queen’s grandson, Eddy married Anne Crook, a shop girl, it led to an illegitimate grandchild. The queen forcibly separated the couple and ordered Anne to be kept in an asylum and have her sanity tampered.

Crook’s friends soon learned of this and blackmailed whoever was responsible. As Gull was tied to his duties to the crown, he was impelled by the murders and was soon deranged by what he had seen and done.

Created by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, From Hell comic books started off as a story of an awful human tragedy and progressed to be among the most celebrated horror comics of all time.

From Hell is illustrated in a noir comic style that was first published by Tundra in 1991 and in later years by Kitchen Sink Press where it stopped in 1996. It later on came in graphic novel form.

Recommended Issues: Issues 1 until 10

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Creator site

Alan Moore
Comic creator of From Hell comic book. Check out Moore on Lambiek to know additional facts about his life, comic creations, and other achievements.

Eddie Campbell
Read the life and works of Eddie Campbell on, creator of From Hell comics and other notable titles such as Lucifer and Bacchus comics.

Publisher site

Denis Kitchen and Kitchen Sink Press
A comic book publishing company that published many of today's classic comic series, From Hell comics, Kings in Disguise, and Gay Comix among others.

Comic art site

From Hell comic art
James Guarnotta's From Hell comic arts and illustrations bsaed on Alan Moore's classic Jack the Ripper inspired comic book series.

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