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Assigned to a new post, homicide detective Richard Fell goes to Snowtown, a feral city that decays of violence and poverty.

Snowtown reeks of despair; the people are hopeless and hostile. Crime is evident, the city’s amenities, services, and utilities are devoid and scarce. Giant S is spray painted throughout the metro; a symbol that mirrors whatever hope there is left. Believed that when bearing the mark, Snowtown will not harm what is labeled as its own.

As Fell joins the city’s police force consisting only of three and a half (one officer has no legs) detectives, he stretches his efforts and does everything he could to make the place better.

With Snowtown's share of secrets, Fell knows only one thing is certain, everybody is hiding something.

An Eisner awardee, Fell comic book is written by Warren Ellis with illustrations by Ben Templesmith. This new noir comic series is published by Image comics launched on September 2005.

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Warren Ellis
Official site of Fell comic book creator, Warren Ellis. Check out his site for updates on his latest works, news, appearances and more.

Ben Templesmith
Fell comics illustrator, Ben Templesmith official website. Visit his page for more of his comic arts, illustrations, updates, and other helpful info.

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Image Comics
Official website of Image comics, publisher of noir comic book, Fell. Visit their site for free online comics, join forums and discover new comic titles.

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