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Far Side comicsFar Side comics satirizes human conditions, anthropomorphic perception of the world, disasters, and the meaning of life in general. The humorous stories commonly involve anthropomorphic animals and humans as main characters with recurring themes that include life after being stranded in a deserted island, the life of cavemen, about heaven and hell, and aliens.

Created by Gary Larson the Far Side comic strip first appeared in America on January 1980. This now defunct gag comics was once a very popular Sunday newspaper comics. There are now a good number of Far Side comic anthologies that have also appeared in recent years.

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Official site

The Far Side comics
Gary Larson's The far side comics official page. Be informed on the latest Far side comics info and updates. View Far side comic strip products here.

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Andrews McMeel Publishing
Top publisher of kids books, comic and humor books such as The Far side comics, Foxtrot and comic strip book collections like Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine.

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Farside Cartoon website
Farside Cartoons web page. A collection of Far side comics art, drawings, and sample comic strips from Far side comic fans.

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