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El Eternauta comicsEl Eternauta comics relates the terrifying story of an alien invasion to Earth. In Buenos Aires, a lethal snowfall has almost wiped out every living things in the city. A few people survived the initial attack including Juan Salvo, his wife and daughter, Favally and Lucas.

With improvised special suits, they are able to protect themselves from the deadly snowflakes and acquired supplies they need. They soon learn about the nature of their enemies and decide to join the army who fight back against the invaders.

The second wave of attack almost killed them all as they battle against humanoid species, giant insects, and other horrendous creatures who were sent by the aliens as pawns.

When things become hopeless, Juan Salvo makes plan of escape with his wife and daughter, managing to steal one of the alien spaceships, but unluckily presses the time travelling device, which separates the three and brings each one of them to different time dimensions called the continuums.

From there starts the journey of Juan Salvo as he travels in search of his wife and daughter. El Eternauta comic book series is an old comics that has become very popular in Argentina. El Eternauta comics is a science fiction comics created by Héctor Germán Oesterheld.

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Lambiek.net Comic Creator: Hector German Oesterheld 
Lambiek profile of Héctor Germán Oesterheld, an Argentine comic book writer reponsible for creating El Eternauta comic series.

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El Eternauta
This site is the official webpage of El Eternauta comics which is created by widely known Argentinian writer Hector Germán Oesterheld.

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