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Dragon Ball comicsFollow the exciting adventures of Son Goku as he embarks on a quest to find seven dragon balls that can summon a wish granting dragon.

In his travels, Son Guko joins the World Martial Arts Tournament where he meets other martial artists. There he gains both friends and enemies, meet villains he has to battle and defeat who too seeks the magical balls.

Goku will soon encounter his older brother Raditz, a Saiyan from another universe, he will then discover the true reason why he was sent this planet but refuses to fulfill his true mission, destroy earth.

Dragon Ball is a Japanese comic book series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. This humorous fantasy comics was first released on 1984 and was later printed in graphic novel form.

Ever since Dragon Ball comics release, it had become one of the most celebrated sci fi manga series both in Japan and North America. It inspired and influenced many of today’s popular manga.

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Creator site

Akira Toriyama
Writer and illustrator of DragonBall manga, read more of Toriyama's life and works as they are among manga comics finest and most popular series.

Official site

Dragon Ball RN
The official website of Dragon Ball comics RN. Check this site for everything you have to know on this exciting series, new chapters, info, and the latest news.

Dragon Ball Z
Visit this site for helpful info on all of Dragon Ball manga series. Read forums, news, updates, videos, merchandise and more.

Publisher site

Shueisha Inc.
A major publishing company in Japan and official publisher of Dragonball comic books and other famous manga titles and Japanese comic magazines.

Movie site

Dragon Ball Z movie
Based on the Japanese comic series of the same title, read about the movie synopsis, cast and crew and other info about this DBZ film.

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