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Dr. Doom comicsHe is the eternal nemesis of the Fantastic Four; Dr. Doom is among the most recognized villains in Marvel Universe.

Born Victor von Doom, he was a child of gypsy travelers in the small European country of Latveria. He was orphaned when both his parents were killed when unable to fulfill their duties. Victor was left under the care of his father’s best friend. His excellence in science earned him a scholarship to Empire State University where he will meet Reed Richards (soon to be Mr. Fantastic) and their long rivalry begins.

Doctor Doom is a scientific genius; he is know to inventing various devices, even robots that will aid him in gaining more power and defeat his enemies. This too allowed him the power to reign over Latveria.

Dr. Doom sci fi comic book character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He first appeared in Fantastic Four # 5 on 1962, published by Marvel comics.

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