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Doomsday comicsDoomsday is created thousands of years ago. He is built for ultimate survival and destruction.

Best known to have caused Superman’s death, Doomsday is a berserk and mindless killing machine whose emotions consist mainly of murderous hatred and rage. He is originally The Ultimate, born in prehistoric Krypton where only the strongest and vicious creators can survive their hellish world.

Created by Dan Jurgens, Doomsday is a comic book supervillian who debuted in Superman: Man of Steel # 18 on November 1992. Published by DC comics, this sci fi comic character is listed among the list of top comic book adversaries.

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Creator site

Dan Jurgens
Official website of Doomsday supervillain comic creator, Dan Jurgens. An artist, writer, and comic creator; visit the site to know more of his life and works.

Publisher site

DC comics
Comic book publisher of Doomsday supervillain comic character. DC is a top comic publishing company known for the superheroes Superman, Batman and more.

Comic art site

Doomsday comic art
Comic book art for Doomsday super villain comics character penciled by Ethan Van Sciver. Check out this comic arts fan site to browse for more comic drawings.

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