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Doofus comicsDoofus is a weirdo, a creepy, short and pudgy man who lives in Flowetown USA.

His friends consists mainly of retarded people who are as despicable as he is, especially his pal Henry Hotchkiss. The duo wanders around Flowertown, their countless adventures and whereabouts causing trouble and laughter as they go along.

Created by Rick Altergott, Doofus is an alternative comic strip often hailed as among the last best humorous comics of the 20th century.

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Creator site

Rick Altergott
Read the life and works of Rick Altergott on, comic creator of Doofus alternative comics and other titles such as Douche Bag Dougan and Raisan Pie comics.

Publisher site

Fantagraphics Books
American publishing company of alternative comic books, anthologies, graphic novel, and comic strips such as Doofus comics.

Comic art site

Comic Art Collective
View the various comic book, comic strip creations, arts, and other illustrations by Rick Altergott, comic creator of Doofus comics.

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