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Dilbert comicsFollow the life of an engineer named Dilbert and his dog called Dogbert. Dilbert has great ambitions of creating new technological inventions, but so far not succeeding.

He works at a big technology company where Dilbert demontrates his failure to socialize with officemates, his idiosyncrasies, and his encounter with corporate culture, which he observes is like a Kafkaesque world of bureaucracy.

Dilbert comics is a very popular American comic strip that has appeared in numerous daily and Sunday newspaper comics worldwide. Since this humor comics first appearance in April 1989, Dilbert comics has become a well known funny office comics that has also been collected and published in anthology comic books, and adapted into animated television series.

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Official site

The official Dilbert website
This site provides free Dilbert comic strips, animations and more. Browse through more of Dilbert's gags and funny misfortunes.

Publisher site

Andrews McMeel Publishing
Official site of Dilbert comics publisher. Andrews McMeel Publishing also released other famous comic titles such as Calvin & Hobbes and FoxTrot among others.

Creator site

Scott Adams
Comic creator of Dilbert business comic stips, Scott Adams chronicles the funny experiences and troubles of an aspiring inventor who loves to create bizarre inventions.

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