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Darkseid comicsDarkseid is one of the New Gods. He possesses various god like powers and abilities.

He is conferred to as the God of Evil. Darkseid is the supreme monarch of Apokolips, his only goal is to rule the universe. And to do that he needs to discover the Anti Life Equation.

This mysterious equation will grant its user the total control over thoughts and emotions of all living creatures. Through it, Darkseid will be able to eliminate all free will and reshape the universe according to how he wants it.

Darkseid’s main power is the Omega Effect, an energy form that fires from his eyes. They either come in beams of disintegration or concussive force that can wipe out and bring back life.

Created by Jack Kirby, Darkseid sci fi comic book series character first appeared in 1970. Darkseid comics is a powerful supervillain, the greatest threat to DC comis universe and among Superman’s utmost foe.

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Jack Kirby
Comic creator of Darkseid DC comic book super villain. Know more of Jack Kirby's life and works, comic book contributions in lambiek.net.

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Comic book publisher of Darkseid supervillain comic character. Check out more superheroes and their great nemesis, visit DC comics for more.

Comic art site

Darkseid comic art
Darkseid vs. Odin comics art by Chuck BB. Click on the link to browse and view more comic character drawings and illustrations.

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