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Danger girl comicsThey are a group of sexy and enticing secret agents. Led by a spymaster and former M16 operative named Deuce, the highly trained Danger Girls embark into many perilous missions armed with the latest invention in weaponry, intelligence and their disarming beauty and charm.

The team’s field commander is Abbey Chase, a very attractive world history scholar and an excellent marksman. With her are three equally beautiful yet lethal DG members; JC, Silicon Valerie, and Sydney Savege. All of which posses outstanding and fearless skills to match striking beauties.

Danger Girl comic is an American comic book series that first hit the newsstands in 1998. Published by Wildstorm Production, Danger Girl graphic novel is created J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell.

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Creator site

J. Scott Campbell
The official website of J. Scott Campbell, artist of the comic books Danger Girl, Wildsiderz, Gen 13 and Thundercats.

Publisher site

Danger girl graphic novel publisher, Wildstorm is originally an independent company who releases various comic titles. It is now a publishing imprint of DC comics.

Movie site

Danger girl movie
Danger girl movie based on the comic book series of the same title. Read Danger girl movie information and updates.

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