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Dandy comicsDandy comics features a titular character that was never included in any Dandy story. The character of Dandy Bellboy is featured in earlier issues, placing him on the front cover right next to the comics title.

Dandy is a comedy comics inspired by the onset of World War II. It was first published in 1937 by DC Thompson & Co. Ltd making it the world’s longest running children’s comics strip.

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Dandy comics
Complete info on Dandy comics, world’s longest running children’s comics strip. Dandy comics beginnings, story, photos, writers, artists, and other notable contributors.

Publisher site

D.C. Thomson and Co. Ltd
Dandy comics publisher, DC Thomson is a long established and successful company which has been publishing newspapers and magazines for well over 100 years.

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Dandy Comic Art
Dandy comic original illustration art and prints. Original Dandy comics art from various artists, signed and well preserved.

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