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Ctrl+Alt+Del comicsCentered on the video game freak, Ethan Ryan MacManus, Ctrl+Alt+Del webcomics follows Ethan’s over the top obsession on gaming.

CAD’s plot features the 21 year old’s moronic and nonsensical antics. His sarcastic roommate, Lucas, often tries to talk sense into him, but with no apparent success. Together with Ethan’s wife Lilah, the trio engages in a series of everyday turmoil through gaming based puns and gags, pop culture, and many others.

Written by Tim Buckley, Ctrl+Alt+Del web comic premiered in October 23, 2002. Early strips centered on single gags but later on shifted to longer story arcs. The online comic’s name referred to the windows command Control Alt Delete. This humor comic strip updates every Monday. Wednesday, and Friday.

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