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Criminal comicsTo Leo Patterson, life is a bad game gone worse. His father is one Center City’s proficient crooks and at a young age, his old man already taught him crime’s fatal trade.

When Tommy Patterson was arrested for the murder of Teeg Lawless, Leo was left under the care of Tommy’s friend and partner, Ivan. Leo learned that abiding the law will keep him out of prison and from his own grave. Such consequences made him a coward but did not stop him from doing hits in order to get by.

Though laid back from the criminal spotlight, Leo is still a crime prodigy. He is capable of envisioning crime's angles with very limited time, his every move is carefully planned and plotted.

Little did he know that his seclusion will not be for long. An old friend returns to bring Leo back on track, the dangerous, deadly, million worth track.

A crime noir comic book series, Criminal is written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Sean Phillips. It debuted on October 2006 published by Marvel comics imprint, Icon.

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Creator site

Ed Brubaker
Official website of Criminal comics writer, Ed Brubaker. Visit his site for Ed's new works, comics and graphic novel updates, news, and more.

Sean Phillips
Criminal comic series illustrator Sean Phillips. Check out his page for comic works, books, paintings, art, illustrations, and many others.

Publisher site

Marvel comics
Official publisher of Criminal comic book series, under Icon imprint. Check out more of Marvel comics noir themed comic titles.

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