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Chis Sweet Home comicsChi is a white, gray with black stripped kitten, one day while out on a walk, she wanders away from her family. Lost and scared she struggled to find her way back but instead she was found by Youhei and his mother.

They take Chi home, their housing complex does not approve of pets but they kept the kitten anyway. Chi then starts to have a wonderful time with her new home and family. She loves to nap and play (especially with small moving objects). Chi is also easily distracted and is scared by larger animals such as dogs.

Written and illustrated by Kanata Kanomi, Chi’s Sweet Home is a new humor and children’s manga series released on November 22, 2004. It first appeared in the manga magazine Weekly Morning published by Kodansha Limited.

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Chi's Sweet Home manga official publisher, Kodansha Limited is the biggest manga magazine publisher of many known manga series.

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