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Carnage comicsFollow the terrifying skirmishes of the symbiote generated Carnage.

An offspring of Venom, Carnage bonded with the serial killer Cletus Kasady entering into his bloodstream thru a cut and bonds with his blood. This transformed the already maniacal Kasady into something more dangerous and lethal, creating one of Spider Man most deadly nemesis.

Carnage has no desire for wealth or world domination, but only to create havoc and carnage for his own pleasure. One of his momentous highlights his battle against Spider Man and Venom in which he proves to be more powerful than them both, and the Carnage rules unchallenged.

Carnage comics is created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley and published by Marvel comics. This comic book supervillain character first appeared in The Amazing Spiderman #344 on March 1991. Carnage is ranked as one the best Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

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Creator site

David Michelinie
Comic Vine page for David Michelinie, comic creator of Carnage comics super villain character. Know more of the life and works of Michelinie.

Mark Bagley
Carnage comic villain artist, Mark Bagley. He was a regular artist for Amazing Spiderman comics and is credited for other comic works, Alias, Night Thrasher, and Fantastic 4 among others.

Publisher site

Marvel comics
Official site of Carnage super villain comic book character. Visit Marvel comics for their huge collection of comic superheroes and villains for comic fans to discover, read, and enjoy.

Comic art site

Carnage comic art
Carnage # 3 comic art by Clayton Crain. Check on the click to view more Carnage villain comic book character sketches, illustrations and image gallery.

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