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Calvin and Hobbes comicsFeaturing the funny adventures of Calvin and Hobbes, this famous Sunday comic strip talks of an overly hyperactive 6 year old boy and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Calvin sees Hobbes as a live friend, while the rest of the other characters sees him as just a toy.

Calvin and Hobbes childrens humor comics deals with Calvins misadventures, his flights of fantasy, his distinct views on political and cultural issues, his friendship with Hobbes, and his relationships and interactions with his parents, classmates, teachers, and other members of society.

This childrens comics was written and illustrated by Bill Watterson and published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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Creator site

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
Official site of Bill Watterson containing his biography, photos, videos, and quotes. Creator of Calvin and Hobbes comic strip as well as Schulz and Peanuts, he also makes political cartoons and grocery advertisements.

Official site

Calvin and Hobbes comics
Calvin and Hobbes website featuring information on the characters, hobbies, books and history of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.

Publisher site

Andrews McMeel Publishing
Andrews McMeel Publishing are publishers of humor books, comic collections, children's comic books such as Calvin and Hobbes comics, FoxTrot, Get Fuzzy, Zits, and many other titles.

Fan site

Calvin and Hobbes Fan Club
Fanpop community fan club for Calvin and Hobbes fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of Calvin and Hobbes. Find Calvin and Hobbes videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more.

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