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Cairo graphic novelA mystical hookah was stolen, said to contain the secrets and the East and the Under Nile of legend. .

Set in the eponymous Cairo, follow the journey of 6 unlikely characters; the Devil, an American tourist, a smuggling ring leader, an IDF soldier, a crime lord and magician, an old djinn the protector of the hookah, a would be terrorist, a journalist, and Ta'abatta Sharran, the spirit that inhabits the ruined city.

Cairo graphic novel is written by the G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by M. K. Perker. It was published in 2001 by the DC Comics.

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G. Willow Wilson
American author and essayist, G. Willow Wilson's works are mostly focused in modern religion and stories about the Middle East evident in Cairo graphic novel.

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An imprint of DC comics, Vertigo markets its titles to teens and mature readers. Vertigo published Cairo graphic novel, DMZ, Cuba, and more.

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Cairo graphic novel

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