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Blankets graphic novelBased on the real life story of the author himself, Blankets graphic novel portrays beautifully the coming of age of Craig Thompson as a man and as an artist.

The autobiographical graphic novel explores major themes about life such as Craig's isolation from the world he lives in, his first love experience, sexual issues as a child and as an adult, his struggles with faith, family, and his progress to maturity.

Blankets graphic novel is written and illustrated by Craig Thompson and published by Top Shelf Productions. It has the elements of a great romantic comics, as well as a memorable drama that may have surely brought tears to the eyes of the comic readers.

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Creator site

Craig Thompson
Comic creator and artist of Blankets graphic novel. Craig Thompson is also know for his other notable work, Goodbye, Chunky Rice.

Comic art site

Blankets comic art
Comic art for Blankets graphic novel, penciled by Craig Thompson. Browse this site for other comic drawings & illustrations.

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Blankets graphic novel

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