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Black Snow comicsBennet Teach is Black Snow, a disastrous superhero who lives with a couple of oddballs in Detroit.

Embarking on a series of bizarre adventures, Black Snow and his gang of misfits finds themselves tangled in an evil plot; a vicious crime lord is planning to rule the city.

Black Snow possess a variety of superpowers but don’t know how to control any of them. He is surrounded by a cast of family and friends, and other silly yet charming characters that spices his already tossed up existence.

Created by Alex Siquig and Michael Balistreri, Black Snow is web comic book that features themes of adventure, drama, action, and mystery that totals into one hilarious comic superhero tale.

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Creator site

Black Snow comics creator site, Michael Balistreri is the co-creator, artist, and web master for Black Snow. Check out his blog to view more of his comic works and illustrations.

Comic writer for Black Snow comics. Visit Alex Siquig's page for helpful information about Black Snow webcomics co-creator.

Official site

Black Snow comics
Official website of Black Snow web comic book. Check out the site to read Black Snow for free, get to know the characters, ask questions, visit links, and more.

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