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Black Hole comicsDuring the mid 70s in the suburbs of Seattle occurred an outbreak of sexually transmitted disease in teenagers called the bug or the teen plague.

Centered on Chris, Rob, Keith and Eliza; the story switches among them as they come in contact with the disease, resulting to bizarrely scary mutations. Such transformations turned affected teenagers into social outcasts.

Created by the Charles Burns, the limited Black Hole comic book series is an altogether horror, noir and alternative comics which was first released in 1995 by Kitchen Sink Press and Fantagraphics. It also came in graphic novel form and was made a movie version in 2008.

Recommended Issues: Black Hole comic issues 1,2 and 3

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Creator site

Charles Burns
Comic book creator of Black Hole comics, Burns works mostly depicts horror themes, gore, and a stress on the tension between good and evil.

Publisher site

Denis Kitchen and Kitchen Sink Press
A pioneering publisher of underground comics, Kitchen Press released Black Hole comic books and other original titles such as The Crow, From Hell and many others.

Fantagraphics Books
Official publisher Black Hole comic book, Fantagraphics is an American publisher of alternative comics, classic comic strips, graphic novels and anthologies.

Comic art site

Burns new work
Adam Baumgold Gallery of Charles Burns comic art on the Black Hole comic book series. View the impressive art work of this comic book creator.

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