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Batman comicsWitnessing the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne promised himself to rage war against the crimes of Gotham City.

Bruce trained hard for many years, he prepared himself, his mind and body to near perfection. Being a billionaire, playboy, industrialist and philanthropist, Bruce Wayne found it an easy cover for Batman.

Batman is depicted as the world’s greatest detective. He is not a superhero per se, but his intellect and gadgets allow him to be considered as such, performing the same mission and fighting the same evil doers.

Also referred to as the Dark Knight and the Caped Crusader, Batman’s dark and mysterious appeal intrigues people. He is also an excellent tactician who thinks several steps ahead of his opponents.

Batman is a superhero comic book character created by Bob Kane and published by DC comics. This classic comic book series first appeared in the 27th issue of Detective comics on May 1939. Batman graphic novels soon followed in later years.

Recommended Issues: Issues # 232, 234, 237, 242 244, 251, 255, 300, 321, 323, 324, 332 335, 390, 391, 400, 404 407, 475

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Creator site

Bob Kane
Original artist for Batman DC comic superhero. Kane is renowned comic artist who has contributed much to the comics industry with his various comic creations.

Publisher site

DC comics
Batman superhero comics publisher. DC comics first publish the character of the Dark Knight in in 1939, a long running, top comic book series.

Movie site

Batman Movies
List of Batman movies, Batman film reviews, trailers, DVD, team up movies, animated series, Batman pictures and image gallery.

Comic art site

Batman comic art
Batmn comic character sketch by Sam Agro. Browse the site for more Bat Man and other comic superhero artworks, drawings, and illustrations.

Fan site

Batman YTB
Batman superhero character fan site. Click on the link to browse Bat Man comics, movies, tv series, action figure, forums, downloads, and other media.

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