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Batgirl comicsFollow the dangerous adventures and skirmishes of the comic book superheroine Batgirl. With her highly extensive martial arts training, superior detective skills, and kick ass weapons, she battles against crime and notorious comic book villains mostly alongside Batman and Robin.

Batgirl is a member of a team of DC comics superheroes, the Teen Titans West, who fights off the horrifying Mister Esper. Batgirl comics is a popular American comic book series published by DC Comics.

Recommended Issues: Batgirl comics # 12

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DC comics
One of the top and prime comic publishers, DC comics markets various superhero titles and characters such as Batgirl comics, Batman and Superman.

Fan Site

Batgirl Bat Trap
A fan page for all Batgirl fans. This site features stories, batgirl comic art, updated comic book news, and other info on batgirl comics current issues.

Movie site

Batgirl 1967 movie starring Yvonne Craig as Batgirl. Set in Gotham city, the movie starts off as Yvonne helps Bruce Wayne find a book on butterflies.

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