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Bamse comicsBamse is the worlds strongest bear. And he gets even stronger after eating thunder or rumble honey prepared specially by his grandma.

He uses his super strength to fight against Vargen, the world champion of evil, the pirate Kapten Buster, and a handful of other Bamse comic book villains.

Bamse children's comics originally started as a Sunday newspaper comics popular in Sweden. Bamse comic strips were created by Rune Andreasson.

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Rune Andréasson
Comic creator profile of Rune Andréasson on Lambiek. Andréasson is a freelance illustrator who created various children's comic books including Bamse comics.

Official site
Bamse, the main character, is a brown bear who gains super strength by eating a batch of honey called dunderhonung (lit. "thunder honey" or "rumble honey"), specially prepared for him by his grandmother.

Publisher site

A huge Danish media holding company, but Egmont is best viewed as a parent or holding company. It is not as itself the publisher of record for any modern comic book.

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