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Archie comicsArchie Andrews is a freckled, red haired teenager with a knack at making trouble, both at home and at school.

Archie’s best friend is Jughead Jones, a woman hater and a fervent omnivore. His love interests are Betty and Veronica, Betty is a spunky, virtuous blonde while Veronica is the rich, spoiled but sweet brunette.

Together with their other friends, Archie chronicles hilarious comic episodes of friendship and love that only the odd mix of teenagers can only deliver. A comic book series that is a perfect read for comic fans of all age, even young readers.

Set in the small town of Riverdal, Archie comics is written by Vic Bloom, drawn by Bob Montana and the characters by John Goldwater. Archie is a long running humor comics which first appeared on December 22, 1941 in Pep Comics # 22.

Published by Archie Comics publishing company, Archie comic strips has also appeared in various Sunday paper comics and has been released in comics collection and digest.

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