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Apocalypse comicsApocalypse is said to have lived for thousands of years. He is depicted as one of the very first mutants but sees himself as the original one.

His origins traces back to 3000 BC Egypt where he was abandoned as a child. A band of desert nomads found him, their leader Baal sensed his powers, took him as his own and named him En Sabah Nur.

Apocalypse aims to be mutant kind’s rightful leader. He is said to be immortal, with a body composed of a mix of organics and powerful celestial technology. He is obsessed with the philosophy, survival of the fittest. He firmly believes that only the strongest of beings should live.

Created by Louise Simonson and Jackson Guice, Apocalypse is a sci fi, super villain comic character known to be X Men’s longtime foe. Apocalypse comic book series was first appeared in X Factor Vol.1, # 5 on June 1986 published by Marvel comics.

Alter ego: En Sabah Nur
Species: Human Mutant

Team affiliations

  • Four Horsemen
  • Dark Riders
  • Clan Akkaba
  • Alliance of Evil
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.


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