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Amelia Rules comicsAmelia Louise McBride is the new kid in town, she is a 5th grader, a whip smart and wise tomboy.

When her parents got divorced, she was forced to leave Manhattan and settle for a life in another town. Lucky for her, Amelia is helped by her very cool Aunty Tanner Clark and her odd group of friends; Reggie Grabinsky, Rhonda Bleenie, and Pajamaman to cope up along the way.

Written and drawn by Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules is an award winning comic book series nominated for 4 Eisner Nominations, and winner of Pennsylvania Library Association One Book Award.

Four comic book collections has been published for Amelia comics series. This children’s comics was also released in graphic novel form.

Recommended Issues: Amelia Rules!:What Makes You Happy

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