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Alison Dare graphic novelBorn with a superhero dad, an archeologist mom, and an international super spy’s niece; adventure clearly is in Alison’s blood. But her parents lock her away from all that by enrolling Alison in the prestigious St. Joan’s Academy for girls.

However, the school walls cannot stop 12 year old Alison from venturing out into the dangerous world where she believes is her rightful place. Along with her best friends Wendy and Dot, the girls embark on a series of feats and escapades where they uncover secrets, and make amazing discoveries all in face of danger.

Alison Dare graphic novel is written J (Joseph) Torres with illustrations by J Bone. It first came out on May 2010, published by Tundra Books. This new comics is best for children and young readers and even for teens.

Recommended Issues: Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventure, The Heart of the Maiden

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Alison Dare graphic novel illustrator official blog and site. Check out J Bone's comic arts and drawings, be updated on his works, what's inside his sketchpad and many others.

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