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Abrafaxe comics Follow the fun heroics of Abrax, Brabax, and Califax, a trio famously known together as Abrafaxe.

The title of the comic book series is Mosaik and the original trio were once known as Digedags, or Dig, Dag, and Digedag, and were replaced later on by the present comic book characters.

This humor comics is a very popular German old comics that first appeared in 1955 with its English language version known simply as Mosaic comics.

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Creator site

Lambiek.net - Comic Creator: Hannes Hegen
Lambiek profile of Hannes Hegen, a German illustrator and caricaturist and is most famous for creating the East German comic book Mosaik (now Abrafaxe) and its original protagonists, the Digedags.

Lothar Dräger
Read Lothar Dräger, creator of Abrafaxe comics and other stories in Mosaik. Know helfpful info about this comic creator on lambiek.net.

Lona Rietschel
Comic creator information of Lona Rietschel in lambiek.net. Read helpful facts, the life and works of Abrafaxe comics strip artist.

Official site

Die Abrafaxe im Mosaik
Abrax, Brabax and Califax, known together as the Abrafaxe, are the main characters of the German comic book Mosaik.

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