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A History of Violence comicsThis is the story of Tom McKenna, a simple family man and a cafe owner turned local hero. Tom attracts national attention when he repells wanted murderers who attempted to rob his diner.

Becoming an instant media celebrity brought, Tom's dark secrets resurfaces, bringing the New York City Mafia closing in for revenge, and a thrilling rollercoaster ride eventually ensues.

A History of Violence is an American graphic novel published by DC Comics, and written by John Wagner.

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The art of Vince Locke
He is responsible for the art and drawings of A History of Violence graphic novel. Know more anout Vince Locke, a reputed artist and illustrator.

Movie site

A History of Violence
An adaptation of a graphic novel about a former mob hitman who hides and becomes an owner of a diner. He is thrust into the spotlight after killing two robbers in self defense and the mob comes after him.

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Vertigo graphic novels
Publisher of A history of Violence graphic novel. Vertigo is a DC imprint whose books are marketed to mature audiences and readers.

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