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300 ComicsA war comics inspired by true historical events based on the Battle of Thermopylae. 300 of the bravest Spartans led by Leonidas made their last stand against the invading Persian army of King Xerxes.

Comic 300 shows how the fearless Spartans wielded bloody skirmishes against Persians at the Hot Gate of Thermopylae till they finally attained glory by dying on the battlefield.

300 is a noted noir comics which debuted in May 1998. It is a limited comic book series written by Frank Miller, and published by Dark Horse Comics. The whole limited edition was later on adapted into the present 300 graphic novel form.

300 comics resources and useful links

Creator site

Frank Miller: The Complete Works
A comprhensive site on Frank Miller, writer and artist of 300, Batman, Daredevil, Sin City and more. Read useful info and Miller's complete bibliography.

Movie site

300 The Complete Experience
This movie is an adaptation of the graphic novel 300, written and drawn by Frank Miller. Watch 300 brave Spartan soldiers facing the whole fleet of the Persian army.

Publisher site

Dark Horse Comics
Official publisher of 300 war comics. Dark Horse is America's largest independent publisher of American comic books and manga.

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