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100 Bullets comicsThe plot of 100 Bullets comics centers on the issue of revenge. Agent Graves, one of the main characters, serves as a catalyst of the comic book series wherein the agent would approach a victim of a crime, provide that person with necessary information, and a gun with the 100 untraceable bullets.

100 bullets is an American noir comics book published by DC comics, it is noted for earning awards in the comic book industry.

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Creator Site

Brian Azzarello
Comic Book DB profile on Brian Azzarello, comic creator of 100 Bullets comic book. Check his page for more of his life and works.

Eduardo Risso Official Website
Official website of Eduardo Risso. He is best known for his artist duties on the comic book series 100 Bullets. View more of his works and original artworks here.

Publisher Site

Vertigo comics
Official publisher of the award winning comic book, 100 Bullets. Vertigo is an imprint of DC comics whose books targets the adult audience.

Fans Site

Fan page for 100 Bullets comics which is published by DC comic imprint, Vertigo.

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