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Embroidering with Marjane Satrapi Marjane Satrapi is most famous for her graphic novels Persepolis and Persepolis 2. These books, autobiographical in nature, had wide spread acclaim and were even made into a movie in 2007.

Value of superhero comics Due to the continuing popularity of superhero comic books, their worth can reach up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Marvel comics value Marvel comics is a top American company that publishes comic books and other related media.

Rare comic books For avid comic book collectors and enthusiasts, you will find below the list of the top 25 rare comic books in the world.

Comic book grading The standard comic book grading system that is widely used today is the one developed in the Official Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide.

Greatest Marvel comics Marvel comics is an American comic publishing company, among the greatest and the well-known publishers responsible for many of today’s famous and classic comic books and comic characters.

Top 10 DC comics One of the most successful and largest comic publishing companies, DC comics has produced many classic characters

Online graphic novels The advent of the internet has made it possible to publish comics and graphic novels online.

Top 10 graphic novels Graphic novels come in all genres. Breaking free from the custom funnies and superhero themed comics

What is a graphic novel? Graphic novel is an evolving term with no strict meaning. Simply put, is a novel conveyed in pictures.

Superheroes history Superhero comics is generally a form of American comic books. Its stories centers on the life and adventures of a superhero or a superheroine.

List of comic superheroes Dominating the collectible comics scene since its first came in publication, superhero characters have become global icons

What is Manga comics? In Japan, people of all ages read manga, making it a steady and major part of Japanese publishing, not to mention its increasing popularity worldwide.

What is horror comics? Scary comics can either be supernatural or non-supernatural. It aims to provoke a response; psychological, emotional, or a physical reaction to fear.

What is alternative comics? Alternative comics is a wide range of comic books and graphic novels that spans various genre, styles, and subjects.

Comic book printing Comic books are usually printed on sideways sheet that measures 11"x14" paper.

Comic book inking Comic inking is the art of preparing a penciled drawing for printing. It is a process of going over the comic art; adding depth, form, shading, and definition before it is colored and printed.

Comic book lettering Comic book lettering involves putting words, signs, titles, word balloons or borders, sound effects, and even the panel borders on a comic’s page.

Comic book creation software A comic book creator program is basically a drag and drop tool to create a page, facilitating an aspiring artist early in the craft

How to draw comics Drawing comic requires certain artistic talents and skills, but not all who wants to draw posses such.

How to make a comic strip Creating comic strip is much easier than making a comic book. However it is not that simple and there is a method to follow in order to guarantee the success of your comic creation.

How to create comic online The advent of today’s technology has made it possible even for beginners to launch their comics throughout the web.

How to make a comic book Creating comic books requires a set of special skills such as a talent in drawing, a knack of telling an entertaining story, and a passion of reading comics.

Top 10 comic book villains Here is the top 10 comic book antagonist and anti-heroes who gained their own shot at fame by creating mayhem and chaos wherever they go.

Action Comics 1 The debut of Superman in Action Comics 1 is the first major breakthrough in comic book industry

How to restore comics Restoring comics is a crafty art that involves the use of non-original materials in attempt to return a comic book to its known state.

How to store comics Handling your comics with great care remains the best way to preserve their condition.

Comic book collection value Comic books that are generally considered rare include those key issues, first issues, first appearance of a popular character

Value of old comics Here is a quick guide and tips that can help you determine the value of your old comic books.

How to sell your comic books Collecting comic books is not only a serious and rewarding hobby but is also good business.

How to buy comics Best guide and tips on how and where to purchase comic books

Comic book collecting for beginners The hobby of comic book collecting goes much beyond from its simple origin of just keeping the comics for keepsakes.

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