Value of superhero comics

How to valuate superhero comic books & price guide of the top 12 most expensive super hero comics in the world

Due to the continuing popularity of superhero comic books, their worth can reach up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But like any other form of comics, the worth of superheroes can change; it can either drop or raise its value.

Finding the value of superhero comics

Identifying the worth of your super hero comic books is a tedious business. Various factors need to be considered when valuating superhero comic books.

Through comic book grading, a superhero comic’s value is determined based on the following:

Superhero comics condition – takes into account the aesthetics and physical state of your comic book, the better its condition, the higher its price value.

Superhero comics age – superheroes were known to have emerged in every particular comics era. Old and classic comic superheroes suggest a certain level of rareness that heightens its worth in the comics market.

Superhero comics rarity – if a superhero comic book is rare with very limited number of copies then serious comic collectors will be willing to pay hefty sums just to get one for their collections.

Superhero comics popularity – well-known superhero characters attracts more comic collectors and buyers. Their demand further contributes to the price.

Other important factors such as the superhero comic’s creator; known writer, artist and many others are also important in valuating superhero comic books.

You can consult an updated superhero comics price guides to make sure of your comics value in the market.

Most valuable superhero comics list

The most expensive super hero comic books are usually first issues, those released in limited copies, and superhero comic books that mark an important change in a superhero’s life.

Below is a list of the rarest, classic, and sought after superhero comic books of all time.

1.) Detective comics # 27
Price, value, worth: $1,075,000

On February 26, 2010, Detective comics set a new record for a price of $1.075 million, graded in very fine condition. This issue is famous for the first appearance of Batman (May 1939), with only a hundred or two copies in existence.

2.) Action comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $1,000,000

This issue features the first appearance of Superman, the very first superhero. Action comics 1 was published in 1938 by DC comics believed to only have 100 existing copies.

3.) Marvel comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $350,000

This comic book marked the beginning of fictional universe that will soon dominate the US superhero comics industry. Published by Timely comics in 1939, the first issue of Marvel comics introduced the Human Torch and the Sub Mariner.

4.) Flash comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $350,000

Published in 1940 by DC comics, Flash comics 1 is known for featuring the origins and first appearances of notable superhero characters; the Flash, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Shiera Sanders, and the Whip.

5.) Batman comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $280,000

First appearing in Detective comics, Batman has since then maintained a level of popularity as a self-titled comic book series. He is a dark knight who has no mercy in dealing with the criminals he caught up with.

6.) Captain America comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $260,000

First published in 1941, the cover featured the ultimated defender of freedom landing a right hook on Hitler's jaw. Captain America became an ideal hero during World War II.

7.) Superman comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $250,000

This first Superman comic’s edition showed how Kal-el came to earth and how he came to have his powers. This comics is famous for featuring Clark Kent outrunning a speeding train.

8.) Fantastic 4 comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $250,000

Marvel comics published the first issue of Fantastic Four in 1961 featuring Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, The Thing, and Invisible Girl. It ushered the so-called Marvel Age.

9.) Amazing Fantasy comics # 15
Price, value, worth: $210,000

Published by Marvel comics in 1963, Amazing Fantasy 15 featured the first appearance of Spiderman. This issue is joined the ranks of the most coveted comic books of the 1960s.

10.) More Fun comics # 52
Price, value, worth: $207,000

A highly sought after comic book published in 1940 by DC comics. This issue featured the first appearance of The Spectre with only 5 existing copies, earning one of the highest and rare ratings.

11.) The Incredible Hulk comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $125,475

Featuring the first appearance of The Hulk, who in this copy is gray. It was in the second issue that he became green.

12.) X-men comics # 1
Price, value, worth: $116,150

X-men comics issue # 1, was first valued at a 100k plus in 2004. This original and first edition features the first hits from the pairing of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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Value of superhero comics

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