List of comic superheroes

Check out what are the top best superhero characters of all time

Dominating the collectible comics scene since its first came in publication, superhero characters have become global icons, famous to a variety of comic fans.

• Superman comics

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman comics features the Man of Steel (Clark Kent - Kal El).

Superman posses superb strength, being able to lift a car over his head, can run extremely fast and can jump heights as mush as an 8th of a mile into the air.

top Superhero comic character Clark Kent SupermanOver the years, Superman's powers have increased; his current reincarnation sees him as omnipotent, or having near god-like powers.

Superman had protected earth against all harm and danger. Over the years he has continued to fight evil. Despite the continuing changes, he has remained as powerful and as noble as ever, the mighty man of steel.

• Spiderman comics

Spiderman, superheroCreated by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and published by Marvel, Spiderman comics first appeared in Amazing Fantasy # 15 in 1962.

His real name is Peter Parker, he was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him spider like abilities; allows him to cling to most surfaces, also he possess superhuman strength, amazing reflexes, extreme agility, and a spider sense that warns him of any approaching danger.

• Batman comics

superhero Bruce Wayne Batman comics characterHe first appeared in Detective comics # 27. Batman comics was created by Bob Kane and was published by DC comics.

Although Batman (Bruce Wayne) has no powers per se, he often appears to be superhuman. Batman is considered to be the world's greatest detective. With the use of his mind and the many computers and gadgets in the Bat cave, Batman is able to solve many problems, from seemingly random attacks by the Joker to the toughest riddles of The Riddler.

• Wolverine comics

Top Superhero comic character Logan wolverineCreated by Len Weinn, John Romita Sr. and Herb Trimpe; Wolverine comics first appeared in Incredible Hulk # 180 on 1974, published by Marvel comics.

Wolverine (Logan) is a member of the X-men. He has animal like powers which can be attributed to his mutant gene. His senses are extremely heightened allowing him to track by smell alone and detect nearby enemies. Wolverine is also known for his unnaturally long lifespan and healing factor.

• The Hulk comics

Top Superhero comic character Bruce Banner HulkCreated by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Bruce Banner a.k.a The Hulk first appeared in Marvel’s Incredible Hulk comics # 1 on 1962.

After exposing himself to rays of the gamma bomb, Bruce Banner’s life changed drastically. When angered, Bruce transforms into an unstoppable green beast, unleashing rage with almost unlimited strength and power.

• Wonder Woman comics

Superheroine comic character Princess Diana Wonder womanShe is the world’s most well-known superheroine. Wonder Woman comics first appeared in All Star comics # 8 on 1941 created by William M. Marston.

Wonder Woman is among the founding members of the Justice League. She is an Amazon Princess, an ambassador, and a warrior who fights for peace, love, justice, and equality.

• Green Lantern comics

Top Superhero comic character Green Lantern Hal JordanGreen Lantern comics is created by Martin Nodell and Bill Finger; he is a member of the Justice League of America.

Hal Jordan is Green Lantern; a fighter test pilot of the Air Force whose fate changed when a power ring and a power lantern was left in his possession.

The ring enables Jordan to do exactly anything, provided with his willpower and strength. It allows him to fly and grant him powers and strength beyond those of a normal human.

• Captain America comics

Top Superhero comic character Captain America Steve RogersCreated by Jack Kirby and Joe Simmon, Captain America comics first appeared in the first issue of Captain America comic book on 1941.

Captain America stands for honesty, justice, hard work, strength and all other qualities that signify America.

He was born Steve Rogers, a once frail young man injected with the super soldier serum. He became the first super soldier, a perfect fighting machine at the height of World War II.

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List of comic superheroes

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