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We provide a comprehensive guide online for collectors by supplying them with a database of comics, which includes all specific categories and genres in current and old comic books as well as the most relevant comic collectible resources that are available in the Internet today.

2-CLICKS Comics directory contains 10 main categories that include Comic book collecting guide, Comic values & prices, Comics by country, How to make a comic, Comic book classifieds, among many others.

In the Comic book collecting guide, one can find articles that offer information and advice for both beginners and novice collectors on how to collect, buy, preserve, store, and sell comics.

One can know tips on the best types of comic books to buy (or where to buy comics) from comic strips, funny comics, webcomics, and popular comic book characters or series to back issue comics, vintage comics, graphic novels, and comic art. One can also find an introduction to the basic terminologies used in comics and free comic books samples.

The category under Comic values & prices offers the readers an updated comic book price catalog of high-end vintage comic books, a list of top rarest comics in the world, and a brief guide to comic book grading.

Comic book classifieds present you the opportunity to deal with other collectors and dealers where you can buy and sell you comic collections. Or you may just want to advertise in the classified ads which is very much welcome in this site.

If you seek for a guide on creating your own comics, you can go straight to the category on How to make a comic, where you can find articles on the subject such as how to create your own comic strip online and learn to draw comics.

2-CLICKS Comics provides a quick guide to comics by country, info on the different ages in comics, as well as articles about the leading comic book publishers today. Check out also the sites comic book news, latest updates on the comic book movies, video games, and comic con.